Las Cruces Public Schools

Las Cruces School District Community School Resolution

The resolution creates a school family council, funds full-service Community Schools coordinators at each community school, and ensures that the school district will complete comprehensive needs assessments to improve essential functions of the strategy.

Coalition for Community Schools

March for Children and Youth Playbook

An annual March for Children and Youth Month playbook to concentrate advocacy efforts amount national, state and local partners.

Coalition for Community Schools

ESEA Reauthorization a Game Changing Moment for Community Schools

Press release applauding the new Every Student Succeeds Act that replaces No Child Left Behind contains key provisions that advance the vision of community schools. The bill’s passage is a pivotal moment for the community schools movement. It empowers State and district leaders to rethink strategies to support all students to succeed and to see their communities as vital partners in that effort.

Coalition for Community Schools

New Federal Education Law Boosts Community Schools

December 10, 2015, press release applauding the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that President Obama signed into law today includes the Full Service Community Schools program, marking a big win for community school supporters.

Coalition for Community Schools

Coalition for Community Schools Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Transition Team

We are pleased to offer our recommendations for the Biden-Harris Transition Team. Our recommendations are organized in two parts: those we recommend for the first 100 days, and those beyond the first 100 days. We are excited to work with the Biden-Harris Administration to enact, fund, and implement our common goals to ensure that all young people have the supports and opportunities to learn and thrive.


RETURN On INVESTMENT (ROI) of a Community School Coordinator

This case study calculates the return-on-investment for a Community School Coordinator, the person who oversees implementation of the Community Schools strategy, and shares responsibility for the outcomes.

Learning Policy Institute

What the Four Pillars of Community Schools Look Like in Action

“What the Four Pillars of Community School Look Like In Action” infographic

RAND Corporation

What Is the Impact of the New York City Community Schools Initiative?

With the launch of the New York City Community Schools Initiative (NYC-CS) in 2014, the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) increased its focus on implementing a holistic strategy of education reform to address the social consequences of poverty as a way to improve student outcomes. The strategy of the NYC-CS is to organize resources in schools and share leadership among stakeholders so that academics, health and wellness, youth development, and family engagement are integrated into the fabric of each school. Although community schools are expanding across the country, New York City is implementing the strategy at a scale unmatched nationally.