Leadership Matters.

The Coalition for Community Schools

The Coalition for Community Schools envisions schools as centers for creating flourishing communities where everyone belongs, works together, and thrives. We believe in the power of community, that when people who live and work in any given area come together often, they will instill hope, overcome challenges and advance their own well-being now and for future generations.

What are Community Schools?

A Community School is a public school—the hub of its neighborhood, uniting families, educators and community partners as an evidence-based strategy to promote equity and educational excellence for each and every child, and an approach that strengthens families and community. 

Community Schools provide an evidence-based strategy to promote equity and educational excellence for each and every child.

Who We Are

We are an alliance of local, state, and national partners that advocate for more Community Schools as the best evidence-based strategy to unite schools, families and communities to ensure all children have the support they need to be safe and healthy, access to the equal opportunities they deserve for prosperity, and a sense of responsibility for civic engagement.

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What We Do

Leadership matters when scaling the knowledge, skills and talents that already exist in local communities to achieve equity. We prepare, support and mobilize leaders in facilitating meaningful processes of change and developing sustainable systems of collaboration through leadership development, technical assistance and peer learning.

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How We Do It

Our movement is guided by our core values of equity, democracy, and harmony. We support the growth, quality, and unification of Community Schools by catalyzing collaboration across communities and states; cultivating the quality of Community Schools and systems; and celebrating successes of students, families and communities.

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