How We Do It

How We Do It

The Coalition for Community Schools supports the growth, quality, and unification of Community Schools by catalyzing collaboration across communities and states; cultivating quality of Community Schools and systems; and celebrating successes of students, families and communities.

United by the Coalition, there are now approximately 5,000 Community Schools across the United States, with growing desire in rural, suburban, and urban communities, and emerging international interest. With nearly 100,000 public schools and more than 50% of students living in poverty, the Coalition strategized to create a critical mass of Community Schools to create a national system of community-driven solutions addressing the inequities disproportionately effecting students and their families.

Our bold goal of 25,000 Community Schools by 2025 will reach over 10,000,000 students and their families, is guided by our values:

EQUITY: Because disparities and inequalities exist, we advocate for and work toward justice, equality, and opportunity for all.  We seek to ensure fairness, access and resources for all by promoting an environment built on compassion and righteousness.

DEMOCRACY: Because exploitation exists in hierarchical institutions and organizations, we advocate for and work toward diversity and inclusion in decision making for all members of a community to have equal voice in promoting policies and practices out of concern for one another.

HARMONY: Because the well-being of children depends in large part on the willingness of adults to work together on their behalf, we model collaboration through our investments of human and financial resources that are commensurate of our responsibility of supporting the healthy development of future generations.

Grounded in practicing our principles:

BUILD ON COMMUNITY STRENGTHS by seeking the voices of those most marginalized, co-designing solutions and opportunities, and supporting their leadership.

INVEST IN TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS by continuing to meet, encourage and support one another, through good and challenging times, personally and toward our purpose and call.

COMMIT TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT by combining rigorous research, reliable practices, and community wisdom to guide our partnerships and work toward measurable and equitable results.

And will be achieved through three core strategies:

Catalyze + Cultivate + Collaborate = Innovation

Catalyze Collaboration: The Coalition will mobilize Network leaders, partners and local affiliates to encourage elected officials and executive leaders to create cross-sector collaborations to sustain and scale Community Schools.

Cultivate Quality: The Coalition will prepare and support Community School professionals and their partners for the development of high-quality Community Schools toward equitable outcomes.

Celebrate Success: The Coalition will be influencers by lifting up transformative and innovative local solutions and stories showing impact.