About Community Schools

A Community School is a local engagement strategy that coordinates integrated student supports, expanded and enriched learning time and opportunities, active family and community engagement, and collaborative leadership practices to accelerate student success  serves as a vehicle for hyper-local decision making that responds to the unique needs of each community.

Start a Community School

The resources and tools provided will help you design and implement Community Schools in any rural, suburban, urban and tribal community. The Community School Standards are the best practices pulled together by over 100 contributors and support the Community Schools movement as an evidence-based strategy to promote equity and educational excellence for every child.

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Scale up Community Schools

The Community Schools’ strategy can have its broadest, deepest, and most sustainable impact when the strategy is part of a system of many schools. A scaled-up system of Community Schools refers to a vertical network of schools, from pre-school through grade 12, that are linked horizontally, within a common geography, across one or more school districts. The Coalition Team is ready to coach you through determining your current status, working from your assets, and building a system of Community Schools.

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Share a Community School

What makes a school a Community School? And what makes a Community School a great school? There is overwhelming evidence that Community Schools do make the difference in providing essential care, creating more opportunities, promoting family engagement, functioning more efficient and effective, and yes, improving student learning. You can share your Community School story too.

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