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University Assisted Community Schools

The University-Assisted Community Schools Network

Led by the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships, The University-Assisted Community Schools (UACS) Network, connects leaders within the field to further advance UACS policy and practice. As a network they explore current models of university-assisted community schools; connect with faculty members, administrators, and practitioners to share best practices; identify the varying definitions and stages of UACS work; as well as advocate for UACS policy within current education and school reform initiatives.

Consistent with these goals, the specific objectives of the Network are:

  • Defining the university’s role as a lead partner, intermediary, or initiative leader.
  • Connecting academia to regular school day and after school programming, through both scholarship and research.
  • Funding and sustainability.
  • Identifying platforms to share resources and best practices.
  • Exploring areas of collaboration among different UACS models and initiatives, including a consortium model for UACS implementation.
  • Research and Evaluation.
  • Management of undergraduate and graduate resources.

With over 30 leaders and more than 20 universities, membership is reserved for higher education leaders – specifically involved in university-assisted community schools and university-community partnerships – to discuss and advance their work.

Lead by Cory Bowman, Associate Director of the Netter Center for Community Partnership, University of Pennsylvania.

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