CCS RPN Research Agenda - Further Research and Study of Community Schools Theme 7: Racial Equity and Social Justice

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Racial Equity and Social Justice

Racial justice is undoubtedly a core component of community schooling, but more research is needed into the connection between community schooling and racial justice. There is a need to communicate and demonstrate the ways in which community schools work against oppressive systems and improve equity. We also need to lift up best practices around pedagogy to understand the degree to which culturally responsive education is being implemented through the community school model. Moreover, we need much more research that focuses on the ways in which community schools are and/or have the potential to be more responsive to minoritized groups than traditional schools. Lastly, this area of research can also be a jumping-off point for understanding to what extent minoritized families and communities are engaged in the community schools in terms of decision-making and voices reflected in the daily life of the school.