The Coalition Releases Two New Publications

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We’re excited to share two publications written by the Coalition team:

The first is “Community Schools: Supporting One Another As A Blueprint for the Future,” which provides examples of how Community Schools effectively responded to the pandemic, thanks to insight from many folks in our Coordinators and other networks. It also highlights how Community Schools operate through collaborative leadership and offers recommendations for state and local educators, community leaders, and others on how to leverage Community Schools as a core strategy for communities to efficiently and effectively recover while transforming education and accelerating economic mobility.

The second is “Six Strategies To Build Empowering Youth Engagement” – a guide for professionals and youth, created by the Coalition’s Next Generation Coalition to:

  1. Create greater awareness of youth (ages 12-25) experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.​
  2. Highlight recommendations and examples of how different communities have been able to address and meet the needs of youth​.
  3. Provide a process to develop and implement empowering youth engagement strategies

Please help us spread the word about these publications, and how they connect to your own work!

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