Sun Prairie Community Schools celebrate 10 year anniversary

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“Sun Prairie Community Schools held a celebration for 10 years of community collaboration with schools and families on Thursday, July 28 at the Sun Prairie YMCA.

There were over a hundred people that came out to celebrate the success with all kinds of food, music and dancing. DJ Martinez White emceed the event and Luke Waldbillig served as the Master of Ceremonies.

Waldbillig flew in from Texas for the celebration, as he wanted to be present after being one of the leaders of the beginning efforts a decade ago when he was still in high school.

“Ten years ago, I was a sophomore at Sun Prairie High School in the fall of 2012 when we were finalizing plans for what community schools would look like,” Waldbillig said. “I was involved in every step along the way.”

For him, it was the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that pushed him to get involved even more.”

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