Stroll through a story: Lake View school adds outdoor ‘Storywalk’

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“As one of MMSD’s four Community Schools, Deterding said it’s especially important to Lake View to be a “hub of resources” for the surrounding neighborhood.

The story posts are “here in the evenings and on the weekends, and really anytime that families want to come and use it,” she said. “Or even just people from the neighborhood who want to take a nice little stroll and enjoy a story.”

Soon, there’ll be a different story to read.

One of the benefits of the Storywalk is that the posts themselves are permanent, while pieces inside the display cases can change. Furman hopes that in the fall, she can organize a student group to help her select books. Eventually students or families could even create their own books or artwork to put into the cases, which opens up an opportunity to honor the school’s diversity, Deterding said.

‘I see this as a tool to be able to uplift that culture and language (of our students) and to be able to share it with our greater community,” she said. “We’re pretty representative of the population on the north side.’”

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