Prichard Committee receives five-year DOE grant of more than $47 million to create ‘community schools’

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“The statewide effort will provide proof points for scaling of promising approaches to implementing the four pillars of community schools:

1) integrated student supports that address out-of-school barriers to learning through partnerships with social and health service agencies and providers;

2) expanded and enriched learning time and opportunities;

3) active family and community engagement; and

4) collaborative leadership and practices (including high-quality teaching).

The Prichard Committee will work with the College of Education, Evaluation Center, at the University of Kentucky to evaluate the impact of the work and to contribute to the growing body of research on effective community schools.

Community schools provide a range of services to meet the unique needs of students, families, and the broader communities they serve. Studies have found that well-implemented community schools can lead to improved student and school outcomes, particularly for students in high-poverty schools.”

Read the full story here.

Learn more about other Kentucky districts receiving grant money here.

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