Paterson Public Schools Awarded $2.5M in Federal Full Service Community School Funds

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“Paterson Public Schools officials announced Wednesday that the district has been awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Full Service Community Schools program. The $499,959 grant will benefit Public School No. 16 and the Alonzo Tambua Moody Academy and is expected to be renewed annually for five years for a total award of $2,499,795.

‘For the past 12 years, the district’s Full Service Community Schools have been helping to provide for the needs of our students and their families so that our students can succeed,” said Superintendent of Schools Eileen F. Shafer. “This federal funding will help the district continue Full Service Community Schools programs at two schools, allowing students and families to access critical services more conveniently and helping them to always be at their best.’”

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