Paterson expanding Full Service Community Schools program through partnership with Montclair State University

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“Public School No. 16 is a Full Service Community School, Tavarez said, offering free, wraparound services for families in need.

‘You have medical, you have dental, optical,’ said Tavarez.

‘If you don’t have enough money this week for groceries, you go to a Full Service Community School and you’re able to go to the food pantry to get groceries,’ said Superintendent Eileen F. Shafer.

Last fall, about 2,000 students were able to access health care. The district has 10 Full Service Community Schools and plans to add another.

‘Our goal is to remove any barriers that the student or family may be experiencing to being successful at school,’ said Jenna Goodreau, executive director of Full Service Community Schools for the Paterson district.

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