On the Rise: Cincinnati’s Community Learning Centers

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A partnership between a school, a neighborhood, and a local business in Cincinnati — this film features how students from Oyler School, a Community Learning Center in Lower Price Hill worked with Nehemiah Manufacturing Company to take the reins and rebrand their own neighborhood with the support of its community members. Through the eyes of Mahogany Wooten, a student and resident; Cynthia Ford, President of the Lower Price Hill Community Council; Eric Wellinghoff, VP of Marketing at Nehemiah; and Amy Randolph, principal of Oyler Community Learning Center, we follow how the different pieces they each hold come together into a united vision, showing that schools are the center for community revitalization. Cynthia Ford shares how the community is in the process of growth and transformation for the better.

With the input of other community members, they all were part of building this new identity together. Each aspect of the community—parents, teachers, students, residents, the Community Learning Center Institute (CLCI), and the local businesses providing opportunities—come together to make the Community Learning Centers the unique and successful environments that they are where students can acquire real world skills such as marketing and neighborhood development as part of their classroom learning experience.

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