Keep Schools Open All Summer, And Other Bold Ideas To Help Kids Catch Up

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“Making sure every child can read and do math is not the only purpose of school.

After a year that saw a surge in child hunger, a mass racial uprising and an attempted insurrection, parent and student groups said they want schools to become more safe, supportive and just.

This encompasses many things: support for mental health and needed accommodations, strong relationships with caring adults. Biden’s rescue package currently includes funds for hiring more school counselors and for expanding the “community schools” model where schools are set up to connect families with housing help and other social services.

And, students are asking for different content in the classroom. An organization called¬†Student Voice has been holding virtual listening sessions with high school students. Maya Green, 19, has conducted some of the sessions. She said, ‘A lot of students spoke for the desire for a decolonisation of school curricula: speaking to the real and often violent history of America, encouraging empathy in learning and really just celebrating the diverse experiences and diverse identities of students.'”

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