Community Schools Aim to Serve Nashville Students Most Affected by the Pandemic

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“One way to set students back on track could be community schools, public schools that rely on community members and organizations to serve the specific needs of students and their families both inside and outside the classroom. Community schools provide additional support, through partners and sometimes extra employees, that educators and school staff can’t always provide, such as assisting unhoused students and families or providing education and career support to parents. 

Community schools aren’t new to the Metro Nashville Public School system. Since 2012, the district has held an initiative called Community Achieves, which serves 34 schools by bringing in hundreds of partners to support students. Community Achieves director Alison McArthur says the district is planning to use COVID-19 emergency relief funds to reach an additional 25 schools. Community Achieves helps provide what are known as wraparound services to address a range of student needs, from basic necessities to academic enrichment and classes for parents.”

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