“Community Schooling” ISSUE 3 FALL 2022

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“As journalists across the country cover community schools as “a growing phenomenon in the educational landscape,” the spotlight is often on wraparound services as a COVID recovery strategy. Yet, in the low-income communities of color hit hardest by the pandemic, the story is as much about power as it is provisions. Our third issue shares how educators, families and students in Durham, North Carolina embraced their collective agency to take back local public schools in the wake of a state takeover plan. Their work to develop community schools involved both reflection and action, praxis, or what we call public scholarship. A living example of democratic education, the Durham team created space to collectively grapple with big ideas and theories in the context of daily school practice.”

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Meeting Needs, Building Trust

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Community schools offer services to assist families

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When students’ basic needs are met by community schools, learning can flourish

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