Community-connected learning in community schools: Why it is essential for whole-school transformation

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“In January 2023, the Community Schools Forward Task Force introduced a national consensus framework along with supporting resources to develop a common understanding of community schools and articulate essential implementation practices. The framework reflects the evolution of community school development, in particular highlighting the shift from a predominantly “wrap-around” services model to a whole-school, whole-community approach to teaching and learning that reflects the science of learning and development and explicitly includes rigorous, engaging, community-connected classroom instruction.

What is community-connected classroom instruction and what does it look like in a community school?

Community schools are a place-based strategy; the school acts as a hub for students, educators, families, community-based partners, local leaders, and other key stakeholders. These schools provide an ideal environment for “community-connected learning.” Activities are designed so students can practice skills in their real-world contexts; build upon those skills; and see their communities, identities, cultures, language, interests, and experiences as valued assets to their learning.”

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