Children’s Aid: How a Bronx Community School Director Helps her Students Thrive

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“In 2021, a position at our Bronx Career and College Prep community school opened up. The community school director was leaving and knew Cherron would be a great successor.

Now Cherron leads a team of staff dedicated to providing new opportunities to high school students in the Bronx. From partnerships with Madison Square Garden, to cosmetology and culinary classes, student government, and college and career support, every student is allowed to explore their interests.

In addition to great academics and family supports, Cherron’s staff also tackles chronic absenteeism. Ensuring students are in the classroom every day is important to their overall success.

“In the morning, we check on every student to see if they’re in the building, then we make the necessary calls to their homes,” she said. “We also have a lot of events like Taco Tuesday to bring up the school culture and climate and make it a place where students want to be. They make the atmosphere fun, and they connect well with the students.”

Last year, for the first time in many years, school attendance hit 80 percent. Cherron credits her staff with this success as they make connections with every student who attends Bronx Prep.

‘We have a small student body, but I think its powerful that we can see every student, know every student, and be able to provide opportunities for every student in the building,’ she said.”

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