Aligning student-centered systems and structures through community schools

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“The pandemic, along with heightened attention to racial injustices, helped to shine a spotlight on how fragmented systems and structures within schools hinder our ability to equitably provide whole-child growth and learning.

Recognizing the urgency of these challenges, state leaders have allocated billions of dollars to various “whole child” strategies, including funding to expand universal transitional kindergarten, expanded learning, dual enrollment and community schools. Since the passage of the California Community Schools Partnership Act in 2021, state legislators have allocated a total of $4.1 billion to the California Community Schools Partnership Program (CCSPP). This groundbreaking infusion of resources has been billed as an opportunity for districts and their communities to collaboratively design and implement community schools strategies.

While the CCSPP offers an unprecedented opportunity for districts, schools and county offices of education to invest in community schools development, it’s important to note that a community school grant is not necessary to become one. In fact, there are urban, suburban and rural districts throughout California who have been doing at least some aspects of community schools work (with or without a grant) for decades. Building on this foundation, we encourage educational leaders to meet this historic moment in California by aligning and strengthening student-centered systems and structures through community schools.”

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