A Remedy for Public Schools Catches On

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“Hoover is a “community school,” and that’s what carried it through, according to principal Clint Stone and the new community school coordinator, Minouche Bandubuila, then an interpreter and parent advocate.

Community schools are public schools that “provide services and support which fit each neighborhood’s needs, created and run by the people who know [its] children best — families, educators, community organizations, local governments, and the students themselves,” according to the website of the National Education Association, a teachers union that has supported the movement with funding and a continuing public relations push.

Dena Donaldson, who leads work on community schools at the other major U.S. education union, the American Federation of Teachers, said the model reaches well beyond improving access to social services. (Disclosure: The NEA and AFT are financial supporters of Capital & Main.)”

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