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CCS RPN Webinar: Community Schools: People and Places Transforming Education and Communities

Community Schools Research Practice Network Webinar Series

Coalition for Community Schools RPN

CCS RPN Community Schools Research Agenda

In collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships, IEL s Coalition for Community Schools Research Practice Network hosted a three day virtual convening in July to develop a national Community Schools Research Agenda. The convening “Powerful Learning: How Community Schools Support Learning and Thriving Students, Families, and Communities” took place from Tuesday, July 21 to Thursday July 23 2020 The three day event brought together over 60 multi disciplinary researchers and practitioners who have contributed to the community schools knowledge base.

Coalition for Community Schools

Policy by The People Agenda for the 117th Congress

This policy agenda is the Institute for Educational Leadership’s inaugural Policy by the People agenda, which reflects the direct input via surveys and focus groups of hundreds of leaders across IEL’s networks that we engaged in 2020. These leaders span the roles of parents/family, youth age 18 and under, district leaders, nonprofit leaders, state and local government representatives, people with disabilities, and elected officials across dozens of communities in the United States.

Coalition for Community Schools

Community Schools Collaborative Leadership Framework

This framework shows how schools, communities and intermediaries can work together, collaboratively to have successful community schools.

Chapin Hall

Achieving Ambitious Educational Outcomes through School and Community Partnerships

This summary aims to share ideas from a convening with policymakers, leaders in education, and community leaders who are interested in partnerships as a strategy for improving children’s long-term outcomes.

Coalition for Community Schools

Coalition for Community Schools Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Transition Team

We are pleased to offer our recommendations for the Biden-Harris Transition Team. Our recommendations are organized in two parts: those we recommend for the first 100 days, and those beyond the first 100 days. We are excited to work with the Biden-Harris Administration to enact, fund, and implement our common goals to ensure that all young people have the supports and opportunities to learn and thrive.


RETURN On INVESTMENT of a Community School Coordinator

This case study calculates the return-on-investment for a Community School Coordinator, the person who oversees implementation of the Community Schools strategy, and shares responsibility for the outcomes.