Hayward Unified School District

Hayward Unified School District Resolution Full Service Community Schools

Hayward’s framework for its community schools seeks to fulfill a common set of conditions for learning that ensures that students are engaged, safe, and healthy.

Cincinnati City School District

Cincinnati City School District Community School Policy

Cincinnati Public Schools is creating campuses that strengthen this link between schools and communities.

Hartford Public Schools

Hartford Board of Education Policy on Community Schools

Members of the Hartford Community-School Partnership, which launched in July, 2008, are the Hartford Public Schools, the City of Hartford Mayor’s Office (including Hartford Office for Young Children and Office for Youth Services), and the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut.

Pomona Unified School District

Pomona Community Schools Pilot Program

The Pomona, CA School Board passed a Community Schools pilot program June 8th, 2016 for implementation in two high schools.

Las Cruces Public Schools

Las Cruces School District Community School Resolution

The resolution creates a school family council, funds full-service Community Schools coordinators at each community school, and ensures that the school district will complete comprehensive needs assessments to improve essential functions of the strategy.

Coalition for Community Schools

New Federal Education Law Boosts Community Schools

December 10, 2015, press release applauding the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that President Obama signed into law today includes the Full Service Community Schools program, marking a big win for community school supporters.

Coalition for Community Schools

Community Schools Collaborative Leadership Framework

This framework shows how schools, communities and intermediaries can work together, collaboratively to have successful community schools.