Coalition for Community Schools

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy builds on both practice and research to describe the what, why, and how of system-wide expansion of community schools. The guide is written for a wide audience and for communities at different points in planning for, implementing, and sustaining a community schools strategy. It targets grass-roots advocates, including parents, students, teachers, and community partners; school district, civic, business, and government leaders; and funders at the local, state, and national levels.

Coalition for Community Schools; The Center for Popular Democracy; Southern Education Foundation

COMMUNITY SCHOOLS: Transforming Struggling Schools into Thriving Schools

This report outlines six essential strategies for Community Schools and the key mechanisms used to implement these strategies. Next, it profiles Community Schools across the country where these model strategies are being used to achieve transformational results. A close look at these model Community Schools and districts shows that across racial, economic, and geographic diversities in this country, Community Schools work. As the new federal education legislation gives states greater power to implement Community Schools, we recommend learning from the strategies and mechanisms we provide in this report—both from research and from practice—to achieve transformational and sustainable Community Schools across the country.

Coalition for Community Schools

Financing Community Schools

This report looks at how community schools finance their work. It describes the resources, partnerships, and activities community schools generate with the dollars they have; where monies come from; and the mechanisms community schools use to leverage additional funding and build their capacity to achieve agreed upon results. The report draws on survey results and case studies from a purposeful sample of experienced community schools—both individual sites as well as district-sponsored initiatives.

Coalition for Community Schools

State Coalitions Stages of Development Rubric

Stages of Development for creating and growing your State Coalition.

Coalition for Community Schools

Community School ROI

Return on Investment of a Community School Coordinator: A Case Study


Massachusetts Family, School, and Community Partnership Fundamentals



10 Ideas to Support a Renaissance in America’s Public Schools

Return, Recover and Reimagine: 10 Ideas to Support a Renaissance in America’s Public Schools (from Randi Weindgarten speech)

Partnership for the Future of Learning

Financing Community Schools: A Framework for Growth and Sustainability

This report demonstrates that collaboration is at the heart of the community school strategy. Community schools have organized themselves to address constant financial challenges by breaking down funding silos and leveraging resources to support students.

Learning Policy Institute

What the Four Pillars of Community Schools Look Like in Action

“What the Four Pillars of Community School Look Like In Action” infographic