Stages of Development

Exploring, Emerging, Evolving, and Expanding Community Schools

The Stages of Development

The Stages of Development serve as a guide for states as they build or scale their state coalitions for Community Schools. The four stages are:

There is talk of developing a coalition, but only informal communications or plans have been made.
Someone convenes a group of people to move the plans forward. Learn More.

Commitment to developing a coalition by actively convening partners and putting in place a governance structure with initial goals and benchmarks outlined. Learn More.

There is an official coalition in place, a wide range of partners are involved, regular communications to local practitioners, and a leadership team and professional learning convenings occurring. Learn More.

The coalition has added key committees, is regularly tracking impact and stories, and is widening sphere of influence through new partnerships, expanded public communications, and ongoing capacity building. Learn More.

Partner Engagement & Governance

Statewide collaboration between cross-sector partners and a collaborative leadership structure to support the growth and sustainability of Community Schools

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Policy & Advocacy

Advocating for policies that promote Community Schools and advance high-quality and equitable education for all students

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Promoting awareness of the Community School strategy and celebrating Community School successes

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Professional Learning Networks

Creating opportunities for Community School professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills and build local capacity

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