For 25 years IEL has led a movement that is now on center stage of a presidential agenda. Community Schools are now reaching a historical moment where there are, and will be additional opportunities in the next year. Additionally, we as the IEL team, have been intentional in integrating our work across disciplines and programs. To accelerate the integration of our work, we are releasing four new Deputy Director positions within the Coalition for Community Schools.

Directly aligned with IEL’s Community Schools and Place-Based Strategies, these Regional Deputy Director TAC (Technical Assistance, Advocacy, and Connection) Center roles are responsible for facilitating the integration of IEL programs into the growth and quality of Community Schools. The Deputy Director will be supported by a team of IEL staff members to assist with communications, relationship management, virtual and in-person convenings, policy guidance, leadership development, and data analysis and evaluation to advance the aligned strategic plans of the Coalition and IEL within their designated region: