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March for Our Lives highlights the voices of youth impacted by gun violence

The survivors of Stoneman Douglas High School along with students from across the country emphasized that victims of mass shootings are not the only victims of gun violence. The Parkland students shared their platform with students of other backgrounds who stand in unity against gun violence but haven’t had such a platform to advocate. Read More >

Town Hall East Connects with Community School

Town Hall East, a neighborhood organization in East Knoxville, created a Schools Committee so that the organization could be more involved with its local community school. Read More >

Mobile Dentist Brings Dental Hygiene to North Attleboro Schools

Smile Massachusetts, a mobile dental office, visited the Community School in North Attleboro offering free or low-cost dental cleanings, x-rays and minor procedures to the elementary school students. Read More >

Midtown Community School Reflects on 25-year Legacy

Midtown Community School celebrated its 25th anniversary. It was built in 1992 for students at two closing schools and now the school hosts 1,200 students. The school became the first public school in Hudson County to win a Blue Ribbon Award and helped bring education in Bayonne into the 21st century. Read More >

The Heart of Wyoming Elementary

Wyoming Elementary takes full advantage of being a "community school." They have a strong focus on enhancing academics, youth development, family support, health and social services, and community development that will lead to improving student learning, stronger families and a healthy community. Read More >

Community Schools Expert to Give Presentation at NMSU

Pat-Williams-Boyd, an author and a specialist on education, will deliver a presentation titled, "Schools as a Community Hubs for Social Justice." She'll present research on the community schools models and will discuss its effectiveness in communities across the country. Read More >

Community schools and the "Elements of Success"

Read More >

Phi Delta Kappan: Community schools provide opportunities for all

Everyone benefits when a school assumes responsibility for coordinating services that address the many nonacademic needs of students and their families. Read More >

Troy voters approve $1.2 million school project

Residents of Troy City School District in New York approved a $1.2 million capital project to transform one of their elementary schools into a community school. The project will serve to provide emotional, social, and physical support for children and families in the neighborhood it serves. Read More >

Public school survey suggests Indegenous students face far more anxiety than peers

Survey results suggest Indigenous students face far more anxiety than peers. Staff responsible for teaching indigenous students are learning how to recognize the signs of anxiety, depression, and other mental challenges and seeking community resources that they can draw on to support their students. Read More >

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