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Community School News

Mayors’ Institute on Advancing Education and Health through a Community Schools Strategy

As part of its Culture of Health Initiative, NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education, and Families in partnership with the Coalition for Community Schools, and with generous funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, participated in an intensive problem-solving session to help the children’s health and education outcomes through the community schools strategy. Read More >

Cities and Schools Partner for Positive, Transformational Outcomes

After years of addressing youth issues such as homelessness, hunger and public safety as isolated, individual problems, Culver City has developed a strong collaborative effort that is having a transformational impact. Read More >

Implications of Proposed FY18 Budget

President Trump's proposed budget for FY 2018 eliminates or severely cuts many programs that support youth, families, and communities. Read More >

Washington Post: AFT Union President & Betsy Devos Visit Community School in Dayton, OH

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited an Ohio community school at the invitation of Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, who used the occasion to make a case for investment in public schools. Read More >

Village Life: Hoop House Project Seeds Rebirth of Community Education at Pierce School

In Flint, MI, Pierce School is restarting their hoop house project. They plan to use this project to engage students and bring the community into the school. Read More >

Illinois State University: Community Partner Resources

Illinois State University has several resources that could be helpful to school districts and the community partners that work with them. Some of the resources highlighted are the Community School Standards, Whole-Child Framework, and ATF's "Is My School a Community School?" checklist. Read More >

Community Schools are Turnaround Models

Education Week's write-up focuses on the recent New York Times article, "Who Needs Charters When You Have Public Schools Like These." This article also looks at the financial situation facing many schools. Read More >

Hamline Elementary Becomes a Full-Service Community School

St. Paul Monitor report looks at Hamline Elementary's journey to becoming a community school. Read More >

How Engaging the Community Can Ensure Successful Schools

Healthy Schools Campaign article focuses on our new framework and how it can help community schools around the country. Tonti Elementary in Chicago is listed as a good model for others to follow. Read More >

Daly City Teachers Unions and Districts Double Down on Community Schools

Melinda Dart, President of Jefferson Elementary Federation of Teachers, talks about her district's journey towards becoming a community school. Read More >

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