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Community School News

Nearly $4 Million Investment Will Expand Student-Centered Learning

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Full-service' community schools get a deeper look at the Capitol

A bill in the Minnesota Senate now would put up $30 million over two years to expand full-service schools. A House bill would also put money toward community schools, along with funding school-linked mental health. House Democrats say they are working on another free-standing bill to fund the community-school model. Read More >

On Milwaukee: North Division, Zablocki chosen to participate in community schools partnership

Clement J. Zablocki School, 1016 W. Oklahoma Ave., and North Division High School, 1011 W. Center St., are the two newest Milwaukee Public Schools to join the Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership (MCSP), which now has 10 schools. Read More >

The Washington Informer: New Funding for DCPS includes Community Schools

Interim DPCS Chancellor Amanda Alexander has announced new funding and programming for students aligned with the strategic priorities outlined in A Capital Commitment 2017-22. New investments include grants to launch full-service community schools in Wards 7 and 8, a new Health Sciences Academy and a literacy program to support elementary school students. Read More >

The Record: School 2 unveils new Community Schools Wing

Students, parents, faculty, staff and dignitaries were on hand to celebrate the Wing, made possible through a $550,896 Community Schools Grant last fall. Read More >

New York Daily News: Community schools can make a difference for students and families

Attendance rates are up, and test scores and graduation rates are climbing on average for the 245 schools in the program. The city spent $195 million on the project in 2018 alone and nearly $700 million since the effort began. But educators at places like the Renaissance School of the Arts say it's worth it. Read More >

Community Schools Provide a Blueprint for Local Learning

Community schools are public schools that partner with families, students, local stakeholders and community organizations to provide the support all students need to succeed. Read More >

Violence at Baltimore murder victim’s vigil shakes attendees OpEd by Julia Baez

Julia K. Baez latest OpEd on violence in Baltimore, MD and her reaction to the death of a student in Grads2Careers program. Read More >

Nampa School District plans to increase number of community schools

Each community school acts as a hub of support for students, families and others in the community. If someone is in need of food, clothing or connections to other resources, they can go to these schools to get help. Read More >

Community Schools Playbook Released Today

We are excited to share a new resource, the Community Schools Policy Playbook! Geared toward advocates and elected officials at the state and local levels. We encourage you to use the Playbook, send it to your networks, and share it with your elected officials to help them become community school champions. Read More >

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