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Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy (An Interactive Guide)

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy
builds on both practice and research to describe the what, why, and how of system-wide expansion of community schools. The guide is written for a wide audience and for communities at different points in planning for, implementing, and sustaining a community schools strategy.

This guide is designed to be interactive. The icons below are present throughout the guide and allow you to "See" what others are doing (e.g., stories and video), "Share" your own stories and resources, and "Discuss" with others (e.g., ask questions of the field) to better experience the stages of scale up.

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Table of Contents


Part I: The Community Schools Strategy

Part II: A Framework for Scale-Up

Part III: How to Effectively Scale Up

Part IV: Case Studies of Scaling Up CS Initiatives




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This Guide was prepared with generous support from the Stuart Foundation.

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In Cincinnati, OH, the organization of multiple services and learning enrichment at the district level is achieved through partnership networks rather than a single intermediary organization. Through a Cross-Boundary Leadership Team, leaders of networks concerned with a range of needs and opportunities from after school and mental health, to physical health to tutoring and mentoring and others. In order to ensure coordination with the curriculum, avoid administrative overhead and increase efficiency, every organization who wants to partner in public schools must become part of a specific partnership network. Networks are developed in specific service areas to assess agencies and organizations with the capacity and expertise to meet specific school needs. Selected providers are then assigned by the network to a school site. This approach gives the provider essentially "exclusive rights" to a school; prevents service overlap with any other provider; and ensures that all schools have equitable access. These networks support implementation in line with school plans, provide ongoing quality control and professional development, and develop business plans and financing strategies to sustain their work. Some of these networks are staffed by volunteers, others have sought foundation support as 501c3 non-profit entities.


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