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The RAND report highlights initial results of NYC community schools initiative

The RAND report highlights initial results of NYC community schools initiative and takes stock of of the 2016–2017 school year by analyzing data from the first two full years of program implementation. 

According to RAND
 Corportion there are three primary goals for studying the early implementation of the NYC-CS: 
(1) Describe the extent to which the core structures and services of the NYC-CS have been implemented as intended across the 118 schools that were involved in the initiative since its inception;

(2) Understand how the schools have been developing their capacity in four core areas — continuous improvement, coordination, connectedness, and collaboration — through estimating composite scores that capture schools' capacity as of SY 2016–2017;

(3) And analyze some of the factors that were associated with observed variation in schools' capacity development. The findings of this report will inform district decisions regarding the priorities and support needed to sustain the NYC-CS long-term.

The results from this study will be useful for practitioners and policymakers interested in developing a community schools strategy. 

A follow-up report on the impact of the NYC-CS on student and school outcomes is set to be released in 2019.
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