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Supportive Policy & Funding

Supportive Policy & Funding Sessions & Materials

The Connect Effect: Working across Groups in a Community of Practice
For 10 years, the IDEA Partnership has facilitated a new way of working across groups on persistent problems. This approach, a Community of Practice, draws decision makers, practitioners, and consumers together around a common belief that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to learn about our most challenging community issues. Learn how states and stakeholders are turning varied perspectives into strategies to change the way we approach complex problems together.

  • Nancy Reder and Joanne M. Cashman, National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE), Alexandria, VA

Presentation & Handouts:

HB 684: How a Community School Bill Became a Law in Illinois – An Analysis of Program-Driven Policy Change
Uncover the advocacy strategy and activities implemented by Illinois as they moved their community school legislation from bill to law. Using a case study of HB 684’s journey, you will leave with tools to support community school legislation in your state.

  • Anita Banerji and Melissa Trumbull Mitchell, The Federation for Community Schools, Chicago, IL
Presentation & Handouts:

Medicaid in the Schools: An Innovative Partnership
Many people are unaware that Medicaid partially reimburses some health care and outreach services provided in public schools across the country through the Medicaid School-Based Services Programs. Learn about its background and how it works. Gain insight into how the unique partnership between Medicaid, Education, and families helps low-income students with disabilities and families, while defraying the costs of health care delivered in schools.

  • Elaine Lerner, National Alliance for Medicaid in Education, NJ
  • Larry Charny, The Charny Group, LLC

Presentation & Handouts:

Strategies for Financing and Sustaining Critical Services in Community Schools
Community schools’ success depends, in part, on the ability to sustain critical in- and out-of-school services. Learn about the key steps to creating a strategic financing plan and key financing strategies and how to ensure positive (and prosperous!) funder relationships.

  • Jenifer Gager, The Finance Project, Washington, DC
  • Torey Silloway, The Finance Project, Washington, DC
  • Eric Keller, The Finance Project, Washington, DC
  • Bob LaVallee, The Finance Project, Washington, DC
Presentation & Handouts:

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