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Superintendent Asked to Come Up With Proposals to Pay for CLCs


The Lincoln Board of Education directed the Superintendent Steve Joel to devise a new funding strategy for the city's 25 Community Learning Centers by June 1.
Lincoln’s CLCs are currently facing the loss of about $1.5 million a year in federal grants of which will be gone by 2019-20. In addition to the federal grants, the CLCs are paid for by 11 agencies including LPS, Title I, the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority and several private grants.
Joel’s proposal could be based on recommendations by committee’s that have done research, a combination of proposals by those committees or his own plan.
Community and CLC leaders have gathered data about the effectiveness of CLCs and have come up with several funding proposals such as making the CLCs a non-profit organization, soliciting private funding, finding more agencies to get on board and creating a joint public agency.
Dick Campbell said it is important to educate people about the benefits of CLCs as the programs move forward. They offer before- and after-school care to students in low-income schools while collaborating with neighborhoods and families. Campbell pointed to LPS data to show that the students in the CLCs outperform other students at their schools.
In order to have options, Joel is still doing research on how other communities fund CLCs. He also wants to see what happens in the Legislature, where Lincoln Senator Ken Haar has introduced a bill that would allow school districts to go beyond their tax levy lids to help pay for CLCs.

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