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Sen. Dodd Proposes Creation of a National Commission for Children


During the first in a series of hearings on the State of the American Child, Sen. Dodd (D-CT) announced his plans to create a National Commission for Children. He plans "to introduce legislation to create this Commission in order to regularly and closely examine the needs of American families and identify solutions." The Commission would act as a report card, annually assessing the status of U.S. children. It would also provide recommendations for improving child well-being.

In looking ahead, some of the panelists provided solutions. Elaine Zimmerman, executive director of the Connecticut Commission on Children, offered possible solutions, including improved social service systems that have single points-of-entry for unemployed families with children and engaging youth so that they are connected to school and other services, including prevention services. Zimmerman also noted the importance of "working across funding streams and silos along with a unified approach."

Jack Lund, CEO of the YMCA of Greater New York, echoed Zimmerman and spoke about the importance of working across silos to meet the needs of children and families - especially between government, the private sector and nonprofits.  For example, he noted that "community-based programs for youth — such as those provided through YMCAs and other neighborhood and faith organizations — help engage kids, promote healthy lifestyles and provide needed health and educational supports."

Click here to access Senator Dodd's transcript and video of full hearing. 

Sen. Dodd Proposes Creation of a National Commission for Children
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