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Sec. Duncan Talks Community Schools In-Depth with Jon Stewart


Did you catch U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?
 If you didn’t, check out the extended footage from the Feb. 16 interview with Duncan. At about the 50 second mark, Sec. Duncan talks about the 150 community schools he helped support as Chicago Public Schools superintendent and how critical similar schools will be in improving education around the country.  
Duncan said many of those schools included health clinics, adult learning classes amongst other activities and were open 12 to 13 hours a day.
Stewart sparred and prodded Duncan on The White House’s education proposal through much of the interview. But the community schools concept was seemingly one moment of agreement between the two. 
"I do feel like we don’t utilize schools and communities. Here’s this building filled with classrooms and chalk. And we only use it ‘til 3’," Stewart said with his trademark facetiousness.   
"[These schools] don’t belong to me, they don’t belong principal they don’t belong to the union. They belong to the community," Duncan responded. "When that school truly becomes a community center, great things happen for those children."

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