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Santa Clara County Pushing School-Linked Services Plan

Santa Clara County is planning to re-implement School-Linked Services (SLS), a program first applied in 1994-1995.
The SLS Plan states its goal is to provide a "well-designed model for the delivery of coordinated and effective health and social services on school campuses and in their neighboring communities that will meet the needs of students and their families" in order for students to succeed in school and beyond.
The Partnership for Children and Youth published an article congratulating their board member Dave Cortese, for leading the School-Linked Services initiative.
According to David Cortese, who also serves as President of the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors, the services provided by the original SLS displayed positive impacts on the success of its participating youth but was disbanded because of a lack of financial support.
Cortese adds that unlike the original, the updated SLS Plan will contain strong data maintenance and evaluation components to prove the program’s impact and to support program expansion.
The plan reviews models for school-based and school-related services in Santa Clara County such as the Franklin-McKinley Children’s Initiative and the Safe Schools Campus Initiative.
The next step for School-Linked Services after the strategic plan approval is to develop an implementation plan to be considered in the FY13 budget planning process.

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