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Results, Evaluation & Research

Results, Evaluation, and Research Sessions & Materials

The Community Schools Evaluation Toolkit: Moving the Research Agenda Forward
Learn about and discuss current research on community schools. Coalition staff will present the new Community Schools Evaluation Toolkit, an instrument designed to help community schools evaluate their initiatives. Participants will also network with participating evaluators to brainstorm and receive feedback on their own evaluation plans.

  • Reuben S. Jacobson, University of Maryland – College Park, MD
  • Shital C. Shah, Coalition for Community Schools, Washington, DC

Presentation & Handouts:
Digging for Data: Union Public Schools
Unlock the process of identifying community needs and potential partnerships, developing working relationships with all entities, implementing an interdisciplinary team, and the success stories of our community based school. Discuss the results that underline the importance of total collaboration and partnerships in building a successful and fully integrated community school program.

  • Theresa E. Kiger, Union Public Schools, Tulsa, OK
  • John Gaudet, Bedlam Community Health Partnerships, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, OK

Presentation handout:
Evaluation: A Key to Success for Community Schools
Leaders of the Evansville, Indiana community schools enterprise will present information on how to integrate the evaluation and research component of family, school, and community partnerships into the school district’s evaluation plan.

  • Dan Diehl, Diehl Evaluation and Consulting Services, Evansville, IN
  • Susan McDowell-Riley, Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation, Evansville, IN

Presentation & Handouts:
Measuring Success through Asset-Based Evaluation and Cross-Agency Data Sharing
Utilizing examples from the John Gardner Center’s evaluation work with community schools, you will learn to apply evaluation strategies to your contexts. Focus on two strategies from the Center’s work: evaluation from an asset-based approach that focuses on positive indicators of youth development and cross-agency data sharing.

  • Sebastian Castrechini and Amy Gerstein, John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities, Stanford, CA

Presentation & Handouts:
The Perfectly Punctual Campaign and Other Innovative Approaches to School-Based Family Engagement
Honoring parents for getting their children to school on time is one of several strategies to promote family engagement at the preschool and early elementary levels. Explore research-based practical innovations for school practice.

  • Louise W. Wiener and Elizabeth Andrate, Learning and Leadership in Families, Washington, DC
  • Edwin Darden, Appleseed Foundation, Washington, DC

Presentation & Handouts:

The Nature and Function of Cross-Boundary Leadership: Evidence from a Multi-Site Evaluation
Take the challenge to be mindful of how cross-boundary leadership can be exercised and sustained in the school communities. Learn the importance of centering content and pedagogy on understanding and explaining the nature and function of cross-boundary leadership, as opposed to presenting a "how to guide" for school, district, and community leaders.

  • Curt Adams, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa, OK

Presentation & Handouts:
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