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Community Schools Messaging Guide- Making the Case 

Describing what a community school initiative is and what it does is not always an easy task. The Coalition for Community Schools has developed a messaging framework to help these initiatives better illustrate its work. For more information, click here.

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Download the Community Schools Messaging Guide

The Coalition for Community Schools has also developed a Rational and Results Framework, which makes the case for community schools as a primary vehicle for increasing student success and strengthening families and community. We also, define specific results that community schools seek—both in terms of how they function and in relationship to the well being of students, families and communities.  To help you collect data in these 9 results areas, we have created step by step Community Schools Evaluation ToolkitTo learn more about a specific result, click on the corresponding box below.

Please send us your research so that we can share with the community schools field and policymakers!

Community Schools Results Diagram Short-term Results (proximal) Children are ready to enter school Students attend school consistently Students are actively involved in learning and their community Families are increasingly involved in their children's education Schools are engaged with families and communities Community Schools Results Long-term Results (distal) Students succeed academically Students are healthy: physically, socially and emotionally Students live and learn in a safe, supportive, & stable environment Communities are desirable places to live Impact Students graduate ready for college, careers, and citizenship

Short-term Result Areas:

Long-term Result Areas:

Desired Impact:

  • Students graduate ready for college, careers, and citizenship.
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