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Tulsa Early Childhood Linkages Project

"Family is a critical role in a child’s experiences and development"
-Linkages Project Team in Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative Linkages Project connects the Tulsa Community Schools model with Oklahoma’s well established early care and learning system to achieve improved school readiness and success in the early years of school. Over three years, the Project will build upon existing strong community collaborations to provide an effective bridge between early childhood experiences and the initial school years at four Community School sites. The focus will be on creating an effective continuum of quality, developmentally appropriate opportunities for children aged 0-8 years in the Tulsa area.

Linkages will serve as a link in building and sustaining relationships among children, families, community schools, early care and learning programs, and the larger community. The purpose of this linkage is to create an effective continuum of quality, developmentally appropriate opportunities for children, birth through age eight, in the Tulsa area. The results of the initiative will create mutually supportive policies and practices that link early care and learning systems and public education.

To learn more about the Linkages Project in Tulsa please look at the resources below.


In Tulsa, the community schools initiative is organized and supported by the TACSI community-wide partnership. TACSI supports several community schools in the Tulsa Public and Union Public school districts, making a positive impact on students, families, schools, and communities. Learn more…

This document provides a brief overview of the vision and goals of the Tulsa Linkages Project; It elaborates on the concept of Community Schools and provides an outline of criteria for successful transition.
This is an interview with two administrators from Tulsa. The interview clearly explains the purpose of the Linkages Project, the role of different partnerships, the administrative structure and how they collect data.
A report looking at the progress made through the Linkages Project in Tulsa.
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