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Technical Assistance

The Coalition for Community Schools works with several organizations that help community school initiatives fine tune their planning and management. The Coalition also offers a number of supports to communities interested in pursuing or growing community schools (see below). The following are our Technical Assistance Partners:

The Children's Aid Society's National Center for Community Schools

Since 1994, the National Center for Community Schools—a part of The Children’s Aid Society in New York City—has provided implementation assistance to nearly all of the country’s major community school initiatives.  The role of NCCS is to build the capacity of schools, districts, community partners, government agencies and funders to organize their human and financial resources around student success.  Our repertoire of services includes: organizing study visits to The Children’s Aid Society’s 22 community schools in New York City; consulting on all aspects of community schools development at both the school and systems levels; providing training  on over 50 implementation topics; facilitating strategic planning and sustainability sessions for initiative leaders; making presentations on community schools; developing and disseminating planning tools; and writing extensively about community schools implementation.  Our book entitled Community Schools in Action: Lessons from a Decade of Practice  (co-edited by Joy Dryfoos, Jane Quinn and Carol Barkin) was published by Oxford University Press in 2005.  More recently we wrote, and are disseminating free of charge, a book entitled Building Community Schools: A Guide for Action.   An open-door policy allows the NCCS team to provide implementation assistance to anyone who contacts us; and our business model allows us to provide some services free of charge and to establish fees for more extensive, on-site engagements.  


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Yale University Center in Child Development and Social Policy, Yale University

Since 1988, the Yale University Center in Child Development and Social Policy at Yale University has provided technical assistance to schools interested in implementing the School of the 21st Century model.

We provide training workshops on a number of topics. These workshops have been developed to meet the needs of the 21C community, ranging from introductory sessions to detailed work sessions on topics relevant to mature 21C sites. Our presenters include Yale Bush Center staff, 21C consultants, and 21C National Peer trainers.

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National Youth Development Information Center Web Site

The NYDIC website is a valuable source of information on youth development research, programs, policies, and funding. It was created by the National Collaboration for Youth, a Coalition partner.

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The Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation, University of Central Florida – Orlando 

The Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation opened in the fall of 2014 and is located in the College of Health and Public Affairs at the University of Central Florida.  Its principal mission is to assist school districts and communities interested in establishing a comprehensive community school with planning, implementation and evaluation.  The center promotes the development of community partnerships to include a school district, a healthcare provider, a university or college, and a lead not-for-profit partner.  To ensure developmental consistency of quality programming as well as strategy fidelity, UCF's Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation developed a process to certify Florida community schools that demonstrate alignment with community school core components.  The center is also able to provide financial support to sites as funds become available through the Florida Legislature.

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Capacity-building support sponsored by the Coalition for Community Schools:


  • Presentations: We offer presentations to education and community leaders at the beginning stages of exploring how to create a community school initiative (e.g., to a small group of cross-sector leaders or to one organization such as a United Way or a district).
  • Study toursThe best way to learn about how a community school initiative works is to take a team to visit one. We arrange customized study tours for school and community leaders, policymakers, funders, and other practitioners to one of our network sites.
  • Scaling Up Seminars/learning labs: Using our guide, Scaling up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy, we create seminars for an initiative or a region to help leaders understand the necessary steps to create a community schools initiative.
  • Train TA providers on scaling up: We train support organizations that want to use the community school strategy in their work with school districts and community partners.

If you are interested in any of these services, please email

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