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Table E. Data Collection of Long-term Results

Anticipated Long Term Results

Student and Family Indicators



School, Community and System Indicators



Students succeed academically

Standardized test scores (e.g., Reading by 3rd grade)

Existing school achievement data

Teachers support students

Student surveys:

1, 14, 15, 20, 32

Teacher survey: 34


Existing school achievement data

Teachers take positive approach to learning and teaching

Student surveys:

15, 20, 25, 32

Teacher survey: 37

Graduation and dropout rates

Existing achievement data

Teacher classroom management

Student survey: 15, 25, 32

Students are healthy: physically, socially, and emotionally

Asthma control

ER visits

Student surveys:

18, 22

Service referrals

(including vision, dental, mental health, and others)

Service referral records

Physical fitness

Existing physical fitness data

Student surveys:

18, 22

Services provided

(including vision, dental, mental health, and others)

Service receipt records from partners

Nutritional habits

Student surveys: 18, 23, 26

Opportunities for physical activity during school

Self-assessment or focus group
Student surveys:

18, 23, 26

Positive adult relationships

Student surveys:

9, 10, 14, 15, 17, 21

Wellness policy

Data on compliance with policy

Positive peer relationships

Student surveys:

3,4, 13, 21



Students live and learn in stable and supportive environments

Staff, families, and students feel safe

Student surveys:

14, 15, 20, 32

Family survey: 36

Schools are clean


Families are able to provide for basic needs

Observation by staff;  I & R service requests;

Results from anti-poverty services (housing stability, increase in income, etc.)


Incidents of bullying, violence, weapons

Existing disciplinary data

Student surveys: 14, 17

Communities are desirable places to live





Employment and employability of residents and families served by the school

Family survey: 44



Student and families with health insurance

Service Provider records

Family survey: 44




Community mobility and stability

Family survey: 45



Juvenile crime

City and County records

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