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Table E. Data Collection of Short-term Results

Anticipated Short Term Results

Student and Family Indicators

Data Collection

School, Community, and System Indicators

Data Collection

Children are ready to enter school



Immunizations Existing elementary school or early childhood program school records (elementary schools)

Availability of early childhood education programs

Self-assessment or focus groups

Attendance at early childhood education programs

Provider attendance records (or parent report in enrollment forms)



Students attend school consistently

Early chronic absenteeism, tardiness, truancy, attendance rate

Existing school attendance data

System in place to respond to attendance problems

Self-assessment or focus groups

Students are actively involved in learning and their community

Students feel they belong in school

Student surveys: 7, 14, 15, 20, 29, 32

Availability of in-school and after-school programs

school program records
MOUs with community partners

Students feel empowered

Student surveys: 12,17,20

Opportunities for student leadership

Self-assessment or focus groups with students
Student surveys: 17, 28

Students feel competent

Student surveys: 2, 6, 8, 27

Schools are open to community

Focus groups
Student surveys: 5, 19, 24
Teacher survey: 38
School survey: 35

Attendance at after-school programs

In- and after-school program records

Opportunities for service learning in the community

Self-assessment, In- and after-school program records, MOUs with community partners, or focus group

Post-secondary plans

Student surveys: 5, 16, 32



Schools are engaged with families and community

Trust between faculty and families

Teacher survey: 42
Family surveys: 36, 41

Teacher attendance and turnover

Existing HR records

Faculty believe they are an effective and competent team

Teacher survey: 42

Community-school partnerships

MOUs with community partners, Community-school partner records

Families are actively involved in their children’s education

Families support students’ education at home Student surveys:
14, 15, 31, 32
Family surveys:
Teacher survey: 40

Opportunities for family involvement

Self-assessment or focus group
Minutes from meetings
School Survey: 35

Family attendance at school-wide events and parent-teacher conferences

Teacher and school-wide attendance reports
Student survey: 11
Family survey: 33

Family experiences with school-wide events, parent-teacher conferences

Family survey: 33, 43

Family attendance at classes (e.g. ESL, parenting) Provider attendance records
Family survey: 33

Family experiences with classes (e.g. ESL, parenting)

Family survey: 33

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