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Scaling Up Guide Acknowledgments


Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community School Strategy is the second document in a series titled, Building Capacity for Community Schools. The purpose of this series is to help practitioners and policymakers develop the capacity and the resources to create more effective community schools around the country.

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships would not have been possible without the extraordinary commitment of the many school and community leaders working to make the community schools vision a reality for students, families, and communities across the country. Their belief in the community school, as the best vehicle for organizing the assets and expertise of schools and communities to support student success, is at the heart of the work of the Coalition for Community Schools. The time and know-how they shared with us were vital to the development of this guide. We are proud to identify these individuals as our partners. A complete list of individuals who shared their stories and ideas and reviewed the guide can be found here.

Authors Atelia Melaville, Reuben Jacobson, and Marty Blank have done an exceptional job in weaving together varied stories, experiences, and feedback from local community school leaders to create this guide. We know that the frameworks and tools they have developed will lead to more and more effective community schools.

We also want to acknowledge our colleagues, Jane Quinn and Abe Fernandez at the Children’s Aid Society’s National Center for Community Schools. Their lessons learned and input have been invaluable to us and to the entire community schools field.  Thank you to Brent Schondelmeyer and Bryan Shepard from the Local Investment Commission in Kansas City for creating the videos in this guide.

We are particularly grateful to Rhonnel Sotelo, Vice-President and Alison DeJung, Education Program Officer at the Stuart Foundation and the Stuart board for their support for the development of this guide. The Stuart Foundation has made a deep and sustained commitment to the community schools strategy and we are thankful for their trust.

Thank you to Kim Leaird for her graphic design work and Carol Soble for editing. We also wish to thank our colleagues on the Coalition and Institute for Educational Leadership staff: Barrie Adleberg and Shawn Ifill who designed the interactive web-based system, Shital Shah, Maame Ameyaw, and Heather Naviasky for their thoughtful review and suggestions, and Louise Clarke and others at the Institute for Educational Leadership who supported the development of this guide.

Ira Harkavy

Chairman, Coalition for Community Schools
Lisa Villarreal

Vice-Chair, Coalition for Community Schools
Martin J. Blank

Director, Coalition for Community Schools 
President, Institute for Educational Leadership


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