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Research and Evaluation for Continuous Improvement

The Community Schools Evaluation Toolkit is designed to help community schools evaluate their efforts so that they learn from their successes, identify current challenges, and plan future efforts accordingly. It provides a step-by-step process for planning and conducting an evaluation at your community school site(s).

Evaluating the Operations of Your Community School

The tools that helped you assess the readiness of your school to become a community school can help you assess the progress of the operations of your community school.

Tracking Impact on Students, Families, & Community

           For each of the short and long term indicators you set, use the surveys to evaluate your progress:

          Surveys for Short Term Results
          Surveys for Long Term Results


Hartford Community Schools Evaluation (2009-2011) and Evidence of Progress Chart (Hartford, CT)
Templates for Reports and Annual Plans (Portland, OR) 

Overview: How to Start Your Community School

Vision and Strategic Plan

Building a Leadership Team

Needs & Capacity Assessments
Sharing Space and Facilities
Financing your Community School
Research and Evaluation 
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