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The following tools will help you as you scale-up your system of community schools:

Community Schools Systems Benchmarks Chart

Benchmarks for each function help community and school site leaders as well as intermediary entities track their capacity-building as they work to scale up community school systems.

Stories Supplement

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships is filled with stories from the field that illustrate how community school initiatives have scaled up their local initiatives. The stories are all available on the web-based guide, and new stories are being added all the time. However, this document may be useful to those who want to focus on the experiences of others as they work their way through the 6-stage scale-up process.



How You Know if you are Making Progress - All Stages


Collaborative Leadership Structure for Community Schools

A copy of the graphic as well as descriptions of the community-wide and school-site leadership groups and the intermediary group.

Characteristics of Effective Scale-Up & A Process for Building a 6-Stage Scaled-Up System

Describes the four characteristics of effective scale-up: shared ownership, spread, depth, and sustainability. Includes the process for scale-up spiral.

Key Community School Functions for a Collaborative Leadership Structure

A description of the functions outlined in Part II: A Framework for Scale-Up

Assessing Readiness: Questions to Help you Start

Tool from Stage 1, Milestone 2

Summary of all 6 Scale-Up Stages

Includes stage name, milestones, things to think about, pitfalls, and how you know if you are making progress for each stage. 

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