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Community Schools: A Whole-Child Framework for School Improvement           

03/08/17    Coalition for Community Schools

In this brief the Coaliton organized the major components of a community school into a comprehensive framework.The community schools framework puts students at the center, listening to their concerns and aspirations, and responding to their life circumstances.

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Community Schools Messaging            

03/01/17    Coalition for Community Schools

Student-centered learning is echoed throughout our new Community School Messaging which explicitly identifies a Community School as a public school, a hub of its neighborhood, uniting families, educators and community partners to provide all students with top-quality academics, enrichment, health and social services, and opportunities to succeed in school and in life.

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The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities(Reuben Jacobson, Shama S. Jamal, Linda Jacobson, Martin J. Blank)          2.8 MB

12/03/13    Coalition for Community Schools, Institute for Educational Leadership

This report captures the scope and nature of expanded learning opportunities in community school partnerships and to identify the state-of-the-art ELO practices that community schools are implementing.

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The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities

The Role of Community Schools in Place-Based Initiatives(William Potapchuk)           

06/24/13    Coalition for Community Schools, Institute for Educational Leadership PolicyLink West Coast Collaborative

Across the United States, there is tremendous excitement about strategies that weave together resources in a clearly defined “place” to collectively improve outcomes for children, youth, families, and communities. The paper explores the relationship and need for alignment between various place-based strategies within the same geographic areas. The paper demonstrates that community schools offer a powerful vision and strategy for what schools should look like in within place-based initiatives.

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Community School Results 2013(Martin J. Blank, Reuben Jacobson)          145.1 KB

06/03/13    Coalition for Community schools

The findings in this document represent some of the evidence about how a diverse set of community school initiatives (each with their own name) are preparing students to learn, helping them succeed, and preparing them for future success.

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Community School Results 2013
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