Community School Standards

Community School Standards 

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The Community School Standards are designed to engage and support the community schools movement as a standards-driven, evidence-based strategy to promote equity and educational excellence for each and every child.

The standards have three objectives:

School Site Standards 
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School Site level Standards Infographic
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School Site Standards 
Assessment Tool 

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Initiative-level Standards

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1. To help new community schools more effectively develop and implement their community school plans; 
2. To assist existing community schools to strengthen the quality of their practice and document outcomes; and 
3. To provide a consistent language and framework for advocacy, technical assistance, research, funding and policy efforts. 

The community school strategy makes explicit that in order to significantly improve the academic and developmental outcomes of children, schools and community partners—e.g. families, community and faith-based organizations, local government, higher education, public agencies, law enforcement, United Ways and others—must work together so all students have an equitable opportunity to learn and thrive. 
While the rationale behind a comprehensive approach to student learning is simple, actual implementation requires a transformational shift in the way public schools function, and the way community partners interact with public schools. It also demands change in all adults working with children and youth.
Community schools leaders and practitioners have spent years honing their practice and identifying what works where and under what conditions.  These voluntary standards draw on that experience and offer a touchstone of our collective wisdom.

Community School Standards: The standards define best practices. We recognize that creating a community school is a developmental process, so schools should not be surprised if they are not at high levels of performance on every standard. Here you will find the complete Standards framework.

Using the Standards as an Assessment Tool: You can use the Standards to see how well your community school is doing by completing this assessment tool to identify areas in need of improvement. You will receive a feedback email after you hit submit.
Initiative-Level Standards: A Community School Initiative is a cross-sector enterprise intended to create a network of community schools from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in a single attendance area or linked across one or more school districts. The initiative works to align family, school, and community assets to create community schools—public schools that are hubs of their neighborhood, uniting families, educators and community partners to provide all students with top-quality academics, enrichment, health and social services, and opportunities to succeed in school and in life.


If you want help implementing the standards in your community, please consider working with a community school capacity building organization, or feel free to reach out to us at the Coalition.

If you have any questions about the standards, or feedback, please contact us.


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