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give contacts and data by category and school. They are updated quarterly. Last Updated March 2016.
By LOCATION- Who is working where? Is there someone doing similar work near me?
Contact Information by Location
   By MODEL- How do other schools work? Where are other schools pursuing the same model as me?
Community Schools by Model
   By SERVICE- What programs do community schools offer? Who else offers similar programs to me?
Community Engagement                                       Health and Social Supports
Family Engagement                                               Youth Development Supports
College, Career and Citizenship Supports             Engaging Instruction Supports
Early Childhood Development Supports               Expanded Learning Opportunity Supports

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Who should respond? We encourage you to complete this directory with a key organizer of your community school, including the coordinator and/or principal. However, each community school should have only one entry. If you work with more than one school, fill out a separate entry for each school.

Completing the directory: Part 1 should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. Part 2 asks more in depth questions about supports an services. This should take you approximately 40 minutes to complete. There is an option to stop and save between Part 1 and Part 2 to resume later. 

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