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New: The Growing Convergence of Community Schools and Expanded Learning Opportunities
This report captures the scope and nature of expanded learning opportunities in community school partnerships. The report includes a new ELO typology and state-of-the-art ELO practices that community schools are implementing. 

: The Role of Community Schools in Place-Based Initiatives - Collaborating for Student Success
Across the United States, there is tremendous excitement about strategies that weave together resources in a clearly defined "place" to collectively improve outcomes for children, youth, families, and communities. The paper explores the relationship and need for alignment between various place-based strategies within the same geographic areas. The paper demonstrates that community schools offer a powerful vision and strategy for what schools should look like in within place-based initiatives.

Community Schools Results, 2013
The findings in this document represent some of the evidence about how a diverse set of community school initiatives (each with their own name) are preparing students to learn, helping them succeed, and preparing them for future success.
Building Blocks: An Examination of the Collaborative Approach Community Schools Are Using
to Bolster Early Childhood Development

This report summary provides an overview of community schools, demonstrates the need to invest and link to early childhood programs, describes the case study sites, and offers cross-site lessons.

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy

This report builds on both practice and research to describe the what, why, and how of system-wide expansion of community schools. The guide is written for a wide audience and for communities at different points in planning for, implementing, and sustaining a community schools strategy.
Financing Community Schools: Leveraging Resources to Support Student Success
The findings in this document represent some of the evidence about how a diverse set of community school initiatives (each with their own name) are preparing students to learn, helping them succeed, and preparing them for future success.
Growing Community Schools: The Role of Cross-Boundary Leadership 
Leaders from schools, cities, and counties across the nation are working together in new ways to "grow" community schools. This report profiles 11 communities where this work is taking place. These leaders are installing and increasing the numbers of community schools as quickly as possible, using a powerful vision with a clear focus on results and an effort to make the best possible use of all the assets their communities can offer.
Community Schools Across the Nation 
Today, there are a number of national mod­els and local initiatives that create their own flavor of community school. This brief provides an over­view of leading initiatives.

Making the Difference: Research and Practice in Community Schools (Full Report ) and Executive Summary 
This report examines the impact of 20 community school initiatives across the country. The report indicates overwhelming evidence that community schools do make the difference in improving student learning, promoting family engagement with students and schools; helping schools function more effectively and adding vitality to communities.
Community Schools: Promoting Student Success - A Rationale and Results Framework
The purpose of this document is twofold: First, to outline a rationale for the community school as a primary vehicle for increasing student success and strengthening families and community; and secondly, to define specific results that community schools seek—both in terms of how they function and in relationship to the well being of students, families and communities.
Community-Based Learning: Engaging Students for Success and Citizenship
Research shows that as many as 60% of all students are disengaged from learning. A study funded by the Gates Foundation, highlights disengagement as a key factor in the dropout rate. This report makes the case that community-based learning, addresses the problems of boredom and disengagement. Community-based learning involves students in real-world problem solving that is relevant and meaningful as part of the curriculum during and after school.

Community & Family Engagement: Principals Share What Works 
The paper explores ways in which principals of community schools—and other principals who, though they may not yet identify their schools as community schools, are responding in a very similar manner—work successfully with community partners, families, and other key stakeholders to improve student outcomes.

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