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Building a Leadership Team

An important component of a community school is the joint effort and interaction between the school and community. A site leadership team that consists of school leaders, teachers, community partners & leaders, parents, and students will help to drive the vision, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of the strategy at the school site level. Discuss who should be sitting at the table and the best way for your community to be involved in the decision-making process of the community school.

Building a Site Leadership Team

A school-site leadership team, often comprised of educators, parents, community partners, and others invested in the community, is responsible for creating a shared vision for the school. This involves identifying desired results and helping align and integrate the work of partners with the school. A community school coordinator is a member of the school leadership team. Take a look at some resources from Portland, Oregon that explain how to organize and work with a leadership team.

Hiring a Coordinator

Coordination is a critical function that differentiates the community schools strategy from schools that simply have partners within the building. Get a sense of the duties of a community school coordinator by reviewing a few examples of job descriptions for coordinator positions at community school initiatives:

Don’t forget to distribute Cincinnati’s Guide for Resource Coordinators to your coordinators to learn from other school’s implementation of the community schools strategy. Also, encourage your coordinators to become members of the Community Schools Coordinators Network. This network provides a forum for Community School Coordinators to share ideas and experiences, ask questions and get answers, and have a centralized place to find resources and tools.

Overview: How to Start Your Community School

Vision and Strategic Plan

Building a Leadership Team

Needs & Capacity Assessments

Sharing Space and Facilities

Financing your Community School

Research and Evaluation 

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