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Strengthening Partnerships: Community School Assessment Checklist          168.5 KB

09/01/00    The Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership and The Finance Project

Contains three tools to assist school and community leaders in creating and strengthening community school partnerships. The first helps assess the development of the partnership; the second helps take an inventory of existing programs and services in or connected to the school; the third helps to catalogue the funding sources that support these programs and services.

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Learning Together: The Developing Field of School-Community Initiatives(Atelia Melaville )           

09/01/98    Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership

Identifies the major types, purposes, and strategies of a national cross-section of twenty school-community initiatives, and explores the dynamics of implementing, sustaining and expanding these initiatives across several key dimensions, including governance, site coordination and staffing, financing, and accountability.

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Community Schools: Partnerships for Excellence           530.6 KB

    Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership

Community schools are a set of partnerships & a place where services, supports, & opportunities lead to improved learning, stronger families & healthier communities. Public schools are the hub for inventive, enduring relationships, families, volunteers, business, health & social service agencies, youth development organizations, & others committed to children. They are changing the educational landscape - permanently - by transforming traditional schools into partnerships for excellence.

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Evaluation of Community Schools: An Early Look(Joy Dryfoos)          215.8 KB


This paper summarizes data from early evaluations of community school initiatives. It provides a vision of community schools, discusses the nature and limitations of the first existing research, and offers a summary of findings from 49 community school initiatives.

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Creating a Culture of Attachment: A Community-as-Text Approach to Learning(Milbrey McLaughlin and Martin J. Blank)           

    John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University, in Stanford, California and the Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership

Education Week, in its November 10, 2004 issue has published a commentary by Milbrey Mclaughlin and Martin Blank. This commentary reflects the Coalition's perspective that engaging and motivating young people to learn is essential for their academic and life success. It argues that for most young people, learning matters when it is personal, has meaning to them and serves a purpose.

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